Heads-up: Change in snapshot announcements

Glen Barber gjb at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 29 19:00:32 UTC 2014


As the number of architectures per branch has been increasing with the
addition of FreeBSD/arm builds, it has become increasingly difficult to
keep the delay between the build completion for all branches and
"staleness" as minimal as I would like.

One of the problems in particular is that by the time the builds for
head/ have finished, all other branches have already completed, and have
begun propagation across the FTP mirrors.

This makes it less ideal to build all branches against the same
subversion revision, since there is a longer delay between build
completion for stable/9, for example, and the time they are announced.

To resolve this delay issue, I'll be experimenting in various ways to
reduce the "staleness" factor as much as possible.  For starters, rather
than building all branches simultaneously against the same subversion
revision, branches will be built individually against the latest
subversion revision for the branch at that time.  Meaning, the latest
subversion revision will be checked and set for stable/9 builds, and
once they have completed, they will be pushed to FTP, and propagation
will begin.  After they are pushed to FTP, the stable/10 builds will
begin against the latest subversion revision at that time, and pushed to
FTP after completion.  Then the builds for head/ will begin in the same

As result of this, announcement emails about snapshots will be
branch-specific, which turns out to be better, since it is less likely
that important information regarding a specific branch will be
accidentally omitted.


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