New snapshots for head/, stable/9/, and stable/8/ branches

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Tue Jan 8 20:28:51 UTC 2013

Glen Barber <gjb at> wrote
  in <20121231182125.GB1399 at>:

gj> New FreeBSD snapshot installers for the head/, stable/9/, and
gj> stable/8/ branches have been uploaded to the FTP mirrors.
gj> As with any development branch, these snapshots are not intended
gj> for use on production systems.  However, we do encourage testing on
gj> non-production systems as much as possible.
gj> bootonly.iso, release.iso, and memstick installers are available for:
gj>  - 10.0-CURRENT/amd64
gj>  - 10.0-CURRENT/i386
gj>  - 10.0-CURRENT/powerpc
gj>  - 10.0-CURRENT/powerpc64
gj>  - 10.0-CURRENT/sparc64 (no memstick)
gj>  - 9.1-PRERELEASE/amd64
gj>  - 9.1-PRERELEASE/i386
gj>  - 9.1-PRERELEASE/powerpc
gj>  - 9.1-PRERELEASE/powerpc64
gj>  - 9.1-PRERELEASE/sparc64 (no memstick)
gj>  - 8.3-STABLE/amd64
gj>  - 8.3-STABLE/i386
gj> Please note, the 9.1-PRERELEASE images are the stable/9 branch,
gj> not what will be 9.1-RELEASE.
gj> Snapshots may be downloaded from the corresponding architecture
gj> subdirectory over FTP:

 Just out of my curiosity, is each snapshot ISO image tested in terms
 of whether it is bootable actually?  I tried a sparc64 ISO image just
 now, but it did not work.

-- Hiroki
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