FreeBSD 10.0-RC3 Now Available

Glen Barber gjb at
Fri Dec 27 14:41:23 UTC 2013

On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 11:25:21AM -0500, Glen Barber wrote:
> [...]
> Pre-installed virtual machine images for 10.0-RC3 are also available
> for amd64 and i386 architectures.
> The images are located under the 'snapshots' directory on FTP, here:

> [...]
> - 10.0-RC3 i386:
>         SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.qcow2.xz) = 057610738176e19eab80b4a127e34ba4a2d1f1e8760c093c016a7f20c7d208d3
>         SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.vhd.xz) = 4c798503632ae625ddf616a0006ff6039376e3dca0c2ac2375e5980beed99145
>         SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.vmdk.xz) = 0edc8aaa7b7e968f560fa7dbf5dcad8a5e588f62dd793f0ebbecbc349db85084
>         MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.qcow2.xz) = 5857e8613c3b0685826a2b006d25564a
>         MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.vhd.xz) = da0acf0bf5b3412fa4922e625a1c651e
>         MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386.vmdk.xz) = f4f0d948d4fd3afc3e41bbf511fd5240

An issue with the 10.0-RC3 i386 virtual machine images was brought to
our attention.  It is still unclear what exactly went wrong, but the
images with the checksums above appear to be incomplete.

The virtual machine images for i386 have been recreated, and are
propagating to FTP now.  It may still be a while yet before they are
picked up by all mirrors.

Checksums for the corrected images are:

- 10.0-RC3 i386:
        SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.qcow2.xz) = 76092c843bd91037cf94d48007cd5a054b0ee2744f5475ee50c558ba880520fa
        SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.vhd.xz) = da8632d78cc89e1812c20f18a6aaac727e78ef44f1c3aedd4ffbe9318e50030e
        SHA256 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.vmdk.xz) = 137ae9e44e419fc78823ac8f3cc7c9e32bfe5d7a80b7997a96d857dc1f3bd4fb

        MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.qcow2.xz) = 936736ff87b11d99408b5b7135c8a025
        MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.vhd.xz) = 770895367a4b22631f54c25d81e11608
        MD5 (FreeBSD-10.0-RC3-i386-20131223-r259778.vmdk.xz) = ba62a266ab560711bed0ff53a3177b94

Sorry for the inconvenience to those who have downloaded the incomplete


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