Ivan Klymenko fidaj at
Wed Nov 10 11:12:30 UTC 2010

Hello! People.

Who can explain the purpose of sysctl variable kern.smp.topology?
What does it affect?

It may take such values:
1      -Dual core with no sharing.
2      -No topology, all cpus are equal.
3      -Dual core with shared L2.
4      -quad core, shared l3 among each package, private l2.
5      -quad core,  2 dualcore parts on each package share l2.
6      -Single-core 2xHTT
7      -quad core with a shared l3, 8 threads sharing L2.
default-Default, ask the system what it wants.

Does it make sense to set its value manually, if I know that my CPU Core2Duo?
How to do this, select a value?

I not found this explanation in any of the official guides ...


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