only one logical CPU used in Xeon

Robert Heron robert at
Wed Mar 11 00:36:52 PDT 2009

On Mar 10, 2009, at 10:31 PM, Oliver Fromme wrote:

> No need for benchmarks here, because Robert's processors
> don't do hyperthreading at all.  FreeBSD 6.2 recognized
> the *cores* as logical HT processors, so he needs to
> set hyperthreading_allowed in order to enable the cores.
> Of course, the better solution is to update to a more
> recent release, such as 6.4 or even 7.1.  His 6.2 is
> more than 2 years old and contains lots of known bugs,
> of which the wrong recognition of cores is a relatively
> harmless one.

I also tried 6.4 with exactly the same wrong results as 6.2.
7.1 is OK, but is has hyperthreading_allowed=1 by default.


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