(forw) Re: Process stuck in STOP state

Tor Egge Tor.Egge at cvsup.no.freebsd.org
Thu Jan 1 14:44:33 PST 2009

> Can someone look at this?  This is pretty weird, it seems
> that somehow there's some deadlock with vnode locks, but it
> doesn't appear to be due a leaked vnode lock as "show lockednods"
> doesn't show any vnodes locks.
> The trace should be somewhat easy to figure out but I'm kinda
> of stuck..
> Any ideas how this could happen?

I had a brief look at <URL:http://aqua.pixnet.tw/~jnlin/textdump/event3/1230/>

msgbuf.txt contained info about some nfs vnodes locked by pid 27645.

It looks like thread suspension is broken for the SINGLE_NO_EXIT case.

Threads performing an interruptable sleep are suspended, even while holding
other resources (e.g. vnode locks).

Threads performing a non-interruptable sleep, waiting for resources held by the
suspended threads are not suspended.

The thread that started the suspension is not woken up since some of the
other threads are not yet suspended.

- Tor Egge

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