Pramod Srinivasan pramod at juniper.net
Fri Aug 21 09:12:32 UTC 2009

Hi John,

On 8/19/09 4:57 AM, "John Baldwin" <jhb at freebsd.org> wrote:
> It sounds like a tripe fault.  I suspect you are recursing on your stack
> somehow leading to a double fault that faults again trying to get a lock to
> output to the console perhaps (that would explain the lack of double fault
> messages if that were the case).  Perhaps a lock used in the profiling is
> incorrectly being profiled?

Yes, this is right!!

The clock_lock was not initialized with MTX_NOPROFILE, and we ended up
profiling the clock_lock recursively until we overflowed the stack. Thanks
for pointing out.


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