how to bind CPU with taskqueue thread

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Aug 22 20:15:53 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 20 August 2008 08:09:14 pm Ji wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use "taskqueue_start_threads(&tq, 1, PI_NET, tq_name)" to create a
> thread working for the task queue, and I have multiple CPUs.
> Can I bind the thread with a specific CPU so that the thread is only
> running on that CPU permanently? Thank you a lot.
> I tried sched_bind(FIRST_THREAD_IN_PROC(*tq->tq_pproc), 1) but it does
> not work. BTW, the kernel uses ULE scheduler.
> Thanks.

With sched_bind() you can only bind curthread.  What you can do for your case 
since you have 1 thread is to queue a task whose function does:

	struct thread *td;

	td = curthread;
	sched_bind(td, 1);

For a queue with multiple threads there isn't a good way to do that currently, 
though you might can have a task function that does a bind and then blocks on 
a condition variable after bumping up a counter, except that if the counter 
hits N, you do a wakeup on the cv instead.  This would ensure that N threads 
run the tasks (i.e. no thread runs two of the bind tasks).

John Baldwin

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