Fujitsu Siemens TX600 S3 performance issue

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Feb 6 18:21:13 UTC 2007

Ludger Bolmerg wrote:

> Haven't run a benchmark yet, but a simple dd from disks results in
>  # dd if=/dev/amrd1s1 of=/dev/null bs=1k count=10000
> 10000+0 records in
> 10000+0 records out
> 10240000 bytes transferred in 3.325891 secs (3078874 bytes/sec)
> which seems quite reasonable to me

Well, 3 MB/s with bs=1k it might be reasonable, but just in case please
run something like

dd if=/dev/amrds1 of=/dev/null bs=1m count=100

and also in reverse direction (it would be fine to do it on a file on
the file system on that device).

The other numbers seem ok to me.

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