System Cpu Between 50-70% and need to find out why

Steven Hartland killing at
Mon Apr 23 01:58:50 UTC 2007

You might want to try:
sysctl vm.idlezero_enable=0
and see if that helps.


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> Dear Gentlemen,
> Thank you very much for your help so far. I was certainly looking for 
> the "S" option. When you are tired these things are easy to miss.
> Here is an output of the system with the md driver removed and 
> everything is on the hard drive for now. The system usage is still really high.
> Does anyone have any suggestions based on the output below?
> last pid: 36756;  load averages:  8.74,  9.74, 
> 10.40                                                     up 
> 0+16:08:41  20:28:14
> 279 processes: 15 running, 241 sleeping, 21 waiting, 2 lock
> CPU states: 11.9% user,  0.4% nice, 80.6% system,  6.9% interrupt,  0.2% idle
> Mem: 1732M Active, 5146M Inact, 354M Wired, 48K Cache, 214M Buf, 8432M Free
> Swap: 8192M Total, 8192M Free
>    44 root             1 171   52     0K    16K CPU2   3  67:25  60.40% pagezero

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