compaq proliant 5500

jonathan michaels jlm at
Fri Nov 10 02:17:48 UTC 2006

greetings all,

i have just aquired a compaq proliant 5500 with 2 (out of the available
4 slots) 550/100 PIII intel zeon cpus --- it also has a 50 gb raid5
"array" (made up with 5x 9.1 gb scsi3 ultra drives), 1.2 gb dram and a
truckload of fans and optional powersully and all sorts of redundant
stuff in this box.

my question is in regards to compiling a new kernel .. i've been using
freebsd since v2.0.5-release, with the main backbone still using intel
i486dx33 macyines and freebsd v2.2.5-release. in one step i have
plunged into the 2006's both hardware and operating system.

there are several ways to build a new kernel, which would be the
simplest one and for the easiest to understand (i hace some cognitive
impearment caused by brain damage from birth, i'm on welfare).

how would i go about setting up teh "make.conf" file to take up the
advantages of have a multiple cpu machine.

finally, to upgrade this platform, can i add cpu's one at a time or i
it only possible to add cpus two at a time.

thank you for  good reliable platform that even somebody like me can
setup a functional reliable platform .. thank you.

most kind regards


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