problem with atapicam

Kalashnikov Ilya kalashnikovi at
Thu Nov 9 16:11:56 UTC 2006

Hi all.

I have installed 6.1-RELEASE SMP kernel. All ok, but I cannot use scsi
subsystem with my DVD drive.
cdrecord, growisofs, readcd not worked.

I rebuild kernel with atapicam support - kernel startup frozen after
drives listing:
acd0 _NEC_DVD.....
ad9 .....IDE
ad12 ....SATA

With standard SMP kernel after boot run # kldload atapicam - any
requests to DVD device or IDE  HDD very long time exec.

USB devices mounted and work without problem.

My old machine work fine(Abit motheboard, Celeron proc and IDE HDD).

May be it ASUS motheboard problem? :(

m/b ASUS P5B with JMicron JMB363 controller
Processor P-IV 1,86 Dual Core
HDD IDE(removable)

Sorry for my bad English.
Kalashnikov Ilya <kalashnikovi at>

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