HP Netserver LT 6000r

Giuliano Caglio rennina_1nix at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 15 11:15:23 UTC 2006

Good morning!


I’ve recently read the page at this link HYPERLINK
/lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-smp/2005-July/000907.html trying to
find an answer to the ACPI / APM problem of installing Linux on a Netserver
lt 6000r.

I’m not a “linux power user”, so I’ve found an alternative solution to the

Currently I’ve developed a cheap and very simple interface card that must be
connected between the parallel port of the netserver and the “25pin”
connector of the front panel.

Basically when the board “read” the correct signal on the parallel port, it
start to wait for ten minutes (time is configurable) and then switch off
“manually” the system as someone pressed the switch.

This simple board, based on the ne555 chip, allow me to use Linux on this
machine and to really POWEROFF the system remotely (or using a cron-ed
poweroff command).

I’m not sure if I’m writing to the right address, but at this moment I don’t
know any other address.

If someone is interested, (accordingly with the open-source philosophy) I
will be very happy to share the circuit scheme with everyone. Just write me
a sentence (as soon as possible I will upload the schemes on a public
accessible webserver).


Have a nice day!!!... and excuse me for my poor english, I’m an Italian
system administrator.


            Regards, Giuliano







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