FreeBSD 5.3 et multiprocessor

ISP Informatique mlh at
Wed Mar 9 02:09:35 PST 2005

Hello, I recently have just passed a server of FreeBSD 4.2 to FreeBSD 5.3. 
The nasty surprise being which I note a notable reduction in the 
The machine is a HP LT6000r, quadri Xeon 700 with 2Go of RAM. 

The results are appreciably the same ones with a kernel including or not 
"options SMP". 

Did I miss some thing?  or perhaps did this already arrive at others? 
In particular, I has just crossed this in 

> options          SCHED_4BSD         # 4BSD scheduler
> The traditional scheduler for FreeBSD. Depending on your system's 
> workload, you may gain performance by using the new ULE scheduler for 
> FreeBSD that has been designed specially for SMP, but works just fine 
> on UP systems too. If you wish to try it out, replace SCHED_4BSD with 
> SCHED_ULE in your configuration file.

Did you already test? 

By advance, thank you,

Hubert Adgié

ISP Informatique
0890 710 147

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