Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Mar 1 01:36:55 GMT 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:

> > You should set up crashdumps as described in the developers' handbook
> > and get a full trace.
> I may do that, but first let me recaste my question thus:  In the email: 
> have the alluded changes in HEAD been MFC'd to FreeBSD 5.3-Stable, or
> should I be looking at some other issue (in which case I will do the
> crashdump stuff, etc, etc). 

Many SMP-related fixes have been merged to RELENG_5, some of which have
been merged to RELENG_5_3.  There are several known outstanding problems,
including a "hard wedge" that appears to happen under substantial network
load with >2 processors.  The symptoms for that don't sound the same as
yours though -- no panic is involved.

The easiest way to know whether it's a known problem (and whether we
currently have a fix in the works) is to see the panic and trap output,
ideally combined with a DDB stack trace.  This is usually sufficient to
characterize a failure mode.

Robert N M Watson

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