Assignmet of CPUs

David Landgren david at
Fri Jun 3 00:36:12 PDT 2005

David King wrote:
>> Well, round-robin startup would at least be better than always using 
>> one process to start all processes. That would go some of the way 

I did of course mean to say processor here.


>> towards improving asymmetric heating. (Says me, whose knowledge of 
>> kernel scheduling could be written on the face of a chip and still 
>> leave room for footnotes...)
> In the spirit of small amounts of scheduling knowledge, are load 
> averages kept on individual processors? Or can they be determined fast 
> enough to not increase the process creation time significantly (or at 
> least to be offset by the speed gained), in order to put a process or 
> thread on the least encumbered processor? top(1) lists the assigned CPU, 
> so it seems like it would be simple enough to determine on-the-fly, but 
> if it's not kept somewhere, I wouldn't want to iterate every process to 
> get its assigned CPU every time I create a new one.
> Is there a "scheduling-for-dummies" feasibly (even if not easily) read 
> by non-kernel hackers? :)
>> David

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