process binding

Bob Ababurko bob at
Thu Jan 13 09:28:55 PST 2005


I am looking for a way to bind processes to specific processors.  I am 
first trying to find an opensource OS that will be able to do it.  It 
seems that there is a glimmer of hope with the new release of 
FreeBSD...5.3.  So will the function, sched_bind() be able to help me. 
I am not really to sure what this is...(someone brought it up to me on 
the openbsd smp list) it a command or function of C?

I basically want to run a fairly simple perl script on each processor of 
a two processor machine.  I am looking to this idea because running two 
of these scripts on a single proc machine yields very poor performance. 
    These run for about an hour, but take like 10 times longer if more 
than one is running(single proc).  I am hoping that I can find a way to 
achieve some good results by running one process per proc on a dual proc 
machine.  I am getting ready to build a athlon MP 2800+ if I can figure 
out a way to make this work.

If anyone has any insight into this problem as well as sched_bind, I 
would love to hear any feedback.


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