5.3-RELEASE: SMP: system clock has died

UEMURA (fka. MAENAKA) Tetsuya maenaka at pluto.dti.ne.jp
Sat Jan 8 19:33:21 PST 2005

Posted on Sat, 08 Jan 2005 17:31:56 -0700
by author Stephane Raimbault <segr at hotmail.com>
> I have an ASUS P2B-DS motherboard with dual P2 400MHz CPU's.  I have 
> compiled the SMP kernel and noticed that something is not right.  In "top" 
> the CPU values indicate 0% across the board, even idle!
I found 5 PRs regarding this symptom. On my 5.3-STABLE server, patch
attached with PR 17800 solved the problem.


For information, Tyan S1867DLUAN Thunder 2500 dual Slot 1 motherboard
always shows correct CPU usage on FreeBSD 5.x since early 2003, its
Socket 370 alternative S2567U3AN Thuder HEsl shows incorrect  on
5.3-BETA4 and recent 5.3-STABLE without patch.

UEMURA (fka. MAENAKA) Tetsuya <maenaka at pluto.dti.ne.jp>

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