Experiences with Intel 820 Dual-Core....

O. Hartmann ohartman at mail.uni-mainz.de
Wed Aug 3 07:43:17 GMT 2005

Arthur Hartwig schrieb:

> I  have a Gigabyte 8I945P-G motherboard with a Pentium D 820 CPU.  
> Hyperthreading needs to be enabled in the BIOS for FreeBSD to see the 
> second CPU. It appears the CPU presents itself as a hyperthreaded CPU 
> with two "logical" CPUs - each "logical" CPU actually corresponding to 
> a CPU core.
I think this is done due to licencing restrictions of several operating 
systems (which have CPU-bound licencing models). Showing a second CPU on 
a dual-core die as a hyper-threaded seems to avoid this problem. The 
question is now: AMD does not have HT, do they also show the second CPU 
as a logical one (from the point of view of the BIOS)?


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