4.9-p1 Twin CPUs not recognized

Lerale Erwan erwan at fr.clara.net
Fri Jan 30 06:51:20 PST 2004


We used to use a motherboard  (spec below) that had 2 Xeon CPU's.
As expected: the 2 CPUs were seen and were usable by FreeBSD (4 with

Motherboard GA-8IPXDR-C
bus 400 Mhz
Bios release F2
Memory DDR 266 ECC REG LP 512 MB

However, we have now switched to a new platform, again with 2 Xeon
CPU's, but with a changed Bus Speed, and only 1 physical is recognized !
(2 with HTT)

Motherboard GA-8IPXDR-E
bus 533 Mhz
Bios release F5
Memory DDR 266 ECC REG LP 512 MB

Do you have any advice, comments ? What do you think I should try in
order to get all the CPUs seen by FreeBSD ?


PS : no problem with Linux..
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