Dell Poweredge 2650 reboots

Jim Durham durham at
Sat Jan 24 17:35:13 PST 2004


I hope this isn't old news, but I can't find exactly this problem in the 

I'm getting mysterious reboots on new Dell Poweredge 2650 servers with SMP 
kernels on dual Xeons.

I've been running FreeBSD at our place since 3.2 and I was proud of the fact 
that in I've only ever had one reboot in almost 5 years and that was a flakey 

This was running on a motley collection of old single-processor boxes which we 
are replacing with the Dells.

The first Dell went on line in the fall as our mailserver and went for about 3 
months and then suddenly rebooted for no reason at all. No error message, no 
panics, no log entries. It was like you pushed the power button.

I was bringing the next box on line as a file server and was halfway through 
copying about 65 gigs of files to it when it suddenly did the same thing. It 
also did it one more time when I resumed copying after the reboot.

I see lots of mentions of reboots with SMP/FreeBSD, but nothing that fits my
case exactly.

The really embarrasing thing is that we also have two 2650's 2000 server..there I said it... and they have 
managed to stay up except for the usual forced reboots to install stuff, etc.

BTW, these are RAID-1 boxes with 15K 320mhz SCSI drives and 2 gb ram. They 
have dual power supplies and they are on UPS power.

Anyone else have Dells like this and seen this problem?



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