FreeBSD 5.2.1 (w/ SMP) - panic - SuperMicro X5DEI-GG ?

Hugo Silva klr at
Thu Aug 5 15:06:25 PDT 2004


I got a full list of the hardware on this server (Dual Xeon 2.8ghz, 4GB
ram), and I was googling for every piece of hardware + FreeBSD.

I seem to have found people with problems using the SuperMicro X5DEI-GG mobo.

For those who don't followed my previous messages, the server simply dies
(I still don't have the panic message, but someone will go to the
datacenter tomorrow and mail it to me - finally) after some hours of
usage. First, I thought it was only under high loads. I killed seti at home
and let it idle with only postfix & bind9 running, but it died again.

In the thread mentioned above, someone recommended removing device apm
from the kernel. The problem also seems related to the em0 (which this
server has 2, em0 and em1), disabling them in BIOS and adding another NIC
(fxp0?) would solve this ?

Did anyone have problems with the SuperMicro X5DEI-GG on FreeBSD
(5.2.1-rel-p9), and if yes, am I on the right track to solve this issue ?

I hope to have more info tomorrow.

Many thanks!




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