5.1R SMP AND Adaptec 29320 SCSI with HDD Seagate

Daniil I. Pimonenko netadm at aviatel.ru
Wed Oct 8 01:05:01 PDT 2003

	I try to enable SMP on FreeBSD 5.1 and have some problem. FreeBSD
not boot they are stop booting before initialization my Seagate Scsi HDD. If
kernel compiling without SMP options booting is ok.

MB: Gigabyte GA-8EDXDR-HT
CPU: 2xXeon 2.8 with HT
HDD: 2x36 GB Seagate cheetah
SCSI: Adaptec 29320 (U320)

In kernel:

Options SMP
Options APIC_IO

Device  ahd

WBR Pimonenko Daniil

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