systat, vmstat, and interrupts

Allen Landsidel all at
Mon Oct 6 14:22:30 PDT 2003

I'm on list, save to forget the cc..

At 04:13 PM 10/6/2003, John Baldwin wrote:
> > Not as complicated a question as one might think, but I still haven't 
> found
> > a way.. so, is there some way I can get tools like systat (systat -vmstat
> > 1) or vmstat (vmstat -i) that show irq rates to display the "proper" IRQs
> > on SMP boxes?
>Nope, not right now.  5.2 probably will show you better output though.
>-stable's output isn't going to change.

Ok, forgetting the two examples right now, is there any way via some other 
utility to check these values?

I'm eagerly anticipating moving the SMP machines to 5.x, but I (like many 
people) am in a heavy-usage production environment; can't afford to try 
updating any of them until we move to -STABLE.. hopefully the website is 
still up to date and the RELENG_5 branch will be following not too long 
after, but for now that isn't an option.


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