systat, vmstat, and interrupts

Allen Landsidel all at
Mon Oct 6 13:04:15 PDT 2003

This is a copy of an email I sent to -questions.  After about a week 
without a response I figure nobody knows and/or cares enough to hazard a 
response, so I'm going to drop it here and see if anyone has an idea..


Not as complicated a question as one might think, but I still haven't found 
a way.. so, is there some way I can get tools like systat (systat -vmstat 
1) or vmstat (vmstat -i) that show irq rates to display the "proper" IRQs 
on SMP boxes?

I have several SMP boxes right now, and despite all my manpage digging and 
googling, I can't figure out a way to demux the mux'd IRQ for display 
purposes; It's quite useless to know that "mux irq2" is handling 1k+ 
interrupts/sec when there are several devices actually using that irq..

Sample output:

interrupt                   total       rate
mux irq2                 51255486        416
fdc0 irq6                       3          0
clk irq0                 12300164         99
rtc irq8                 15743621        127
Total                    79299274        644

NIC, scsi controller, etc are all contained within the mux I believe, along 
with most everything else on this box from the looks of it. 

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