SMPng question

Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Wed Nov 5 09:10:26 PST 2003

Howdy list,

I have a few questions about FreeBSD's in-progress
SMPng project. I've read much of the literature on
the FreeBSD site about SMPng, and I've taken the time
to go through the project status pages and look at the
work that has already been done and the work yet to be
done here:

But I'm still unclear about a few things:

1.) What, exactly, are SMPng's advantages over the current
    SMP implementation as related to userland apps?

    In other words, I know that the network stack and devices
    and such will benefit by being able to make use of
    multiple CPUs, but will normal non-multi-threaded apps
    be able to use multiple CPUs? Or will an app still have
    to be multi-threaded in order to take full advantage
    of an SMP box?

2.) And, perhaps as an extension to question #1: Will I
    be able to make use of multiple CPUs to compile programs?

    Could I buy one of those cheap $300 quad Xeon 500mhz
    compaq boxes on ebay and use it as a 2 Ghz compiler box?


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