Best deal on an SMP system nowadays?

Doug Barton DougB at
Fri May 23 18:04:04 PDT 2003

I've totally had it with my current desktop, it's 5 years old and really
showing its age. So, I'd like to get a new desktop, and I'd really like to
get an SMP system both so that I can have blazing speed, and so that I can
be an SMPng guinea pig. I already run -current on my desktop, so I figured
I might as well be a glutton for all the punishment I can. :) I'm quite
comfortable building a system, so so I don't need something pre-packaged,
I just need to know what to get.

Video Card: Something fast that supports dual head, windows (for games)
and X.  I hear good things about ATI Radeon's lately...

I'm getting reasonably good performance out of the freebsd native nvidia
drivers with my current geforce card, but I can't help thinking that some
of my spontaneous reboots are related to them, and I don't like the fact
that I have to run without witness and invariants. So I'd like to move to
something that is better supported, preferably by the vendor. So I think
that leaves ATI and Matrox.

Motherboard must haves:
PATA 133
At least 4 PCI slots
2 Serial ports

Motherboard nice to haves:
AGP 8x (or better?)
AGP Pro50 bus?
Serial ATA
Ethernet on board
"Good" sound on board
Fan speed, CPU, and case temp monitoring (ala lmmon)
ISA slot

Anything I'm missing?



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