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Sat May 17 15:38:08 PDT 2003

Also, when I go in and edit the FSTAB and remove the RAID mounts, then
the system will boot in multi-proc mode....

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If you can send a DMESG out it might be helpful, I've Proliant SCSI
RAID's before without problems on the 6500s. Can you attach the DMESG
output up until it hangs and you kernel config file?

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> When I install the FreeBSD 4.8 on my Compaq 1850R (PII 450s) 
> everything works. I am using Compaq RAID controllers for a 
> cluster of drives, and also the internal SCSI controllers to 
> handle the rest of the drives.
> Everything works fine, until I rebuild the kernel to use SMP. 
> When I do that, the Systems (both) hand when trying to access 
> the RAID controller. I am using the GENERIC configuration 
> file, coping it over to a file called SMP and then edit that 
> file. I then do a "config SMP" change the to the compile/SMP 
> directory. Then I do a make clean, make depend, make and make 
> install. 
> When I boot, I get all the way trough to the point that its 
> checking the RAID controller and it hangs. If I use the 
> control-c I get a # and if I try to unmount to mount, I get 
> an error on the RAID saying that the device is busy.
> Any ideas?
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