Interesting problem

Kirk Moore kmoore at
Sat May 17 11:55:24 PDT 2003

When I install the FreeBSD 4.8 on my Compaq 1850R (PII 450s) everything
works. I am using Compaq RAID controllers for a cluster of drives, and
also the internal SCSI controllers to handle the rest of the drives.

Everything works fine, until I rebuild the kernel to use SMP. When I do
that, the Systems (both) hand when trying to access the RAID controller.
I am using the GENERIC configuration file, coping it over to a file
called SMP and then edit that file. I then do a "config SMP" change the
to the compile/SMP directory. Then I do a make clean, make depend, make
and make install. 

When I boot, I get all the way trough to the point that its checking the
RAID controller and it hangs. If I use the control-c I get a # and if I
try to unmount to mount, I get an error on the RAID saying that the
device is busy.

Any ideas?

Kirk Moore
Network/Software Engineer
Black holes are created when God divides by zero!

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