Proliant on a 6500

Cagle, John (ISS-Houston) john.cagle at
Mon May 12 10:32:28 PDT 2003

Try the suggestions from the archives:

Also, you shouldn't have to wipe the OS.  Just change the system
configuration and then try booting SMP again.


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> Subject: Proliant on a 6500
> Hiya all...
> I have a compaq proliant 6500 with 4 cpu's
> I am trying to install 4.8 on it (I got it installed but it's 
> SMP that does not work).
> The kernel seems to hang after the SMP: AP CPU #3 Launched. 
> Actually it gets two lines extra (mounting root off the ida 
> controller).
> Now, scrolllock and caps and everything still work, (I can 
> even sroll back and read the text) but nothing else happens.
> I am about to wipe and choose UNIXWare 7 (I chose solaris 
> last time) and we'll see what happens, but I was wondering if 
> you have seen this problem before.
> One more thing...  I only had the first two SMP settings in 
> the kernel I had none of that NCPU etc stuff,...  Do I need 
> it for 4.8?  If so, how do I find out how many interupts to set??
> Any more tips??
> Thanks...
> -D

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