Proliant on a 6500

Danny Carroll fbsd at
Mon May 12 09:29:11 PDT 2003

Hiya all...

I have a compaq proliant 6500 with 4 cpu's
I am trying to install 4.8 on it (I got it installed but it's SMP that does
not work).

The kernel seems to hang after the SMP: AP CPU #3 Launched.
Actually it gets two lines extra (mounting root off the ida controller).

Now, scrolllock and caps and everything still work, (I can even sroll back
and read the text) but nothing else happens.

I am about to wipe and choose UNIXWare 7 (I chose solaris last time) and
we'll see what happens, but I was wondering if you have seen this problem

One more thing...  I only had the first two SMP settings in the kernel I had
none of that NCPU etc stuff,...  Do I need it for 4.8?  If so, how do I find
out how many interupts to set??

Any more tips??


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