What the???? Is there a Doctor in the house? Help

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Fri May 9 22:39:44 PDT 2003

vizion communication wrote:
> Ok  do not know what is causing this problem and would
> appreciate some help in tracking down the cause.
> FreeBSD 4.7
> System runs fine for maybe a week and then all networking
> stops - without warning. I do not know anyway of  persuading
> it to resume networking without rebooting.
> Does anyone have some useful suggestions on how to diagnose
> the cause?

You said you had a XXXX networking card, so that's probably
the problem.  Try this patch on if_XXXX.c:


(it's a unidiff).


Really, you need to provide us with at last the name of your
networking card.

Also, you should try to ifconfig down the interface, and then
ifconfig it back up, in case it's a lost interrupt or something
that needs a timer to correct (doing the ifconfig's will reset
the card).

-- Terry

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