4.4bsd-lite2 and modern xBSDs

higgsr at rpi.edu higgsr at rpi.edu
Sat May 3 11:23:20 PDT 2003

There are many ways to obtain FreeBSD.	Look at appendix A in the handbook
for details about your preferred method.


FreeBSD is in the process of threading its kernel.  Freebsd stable (aka
4.8) would be the place to look if you want the book and the source to be
as close as possible, but keep in mind the vm system has had lots of
changes.  Freebsd current (aka 5.0) is the development branch and that is
where you will find all of the threading work (kse).

I can't speak for the others.  Have fun!


On Fri, 2 May 2003 18:05:03 -0500 De Savant wrote:

> I'm reading the 4.4 design book now, and looking toward working on the 
> kernel.  How much has changed in the basic kernel since the 4.4bsd 
> days?  How about the other bsds?
> Where can I get the kernel sources (free, net, and open) for review 
> while I'm reading on the book?
> Thanks,
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