Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 31 01:52:15 PDT 2003

John Baldwin wrote:
> > You may not be happy with P III's.  I'm not sure if the SMP code
> > has been changed to handle only the xAPIC now, or not; there was
> > a discussion a little while back about supporting more than 16
> > CPUs in a machine, which would require this change.
> Adding support for xAPICs isn't going to break P3 machines.  Less
> FUD please.  One of my test machines is a dual ppro 200 and although
> I haven't booted it in a while it ran current just fine the last
> time I tried.

I'm not trying to FUD.

It wasn't clear to me at the time whether the discussion was
geared toward having both APIC and xAPIC support, or only xAPIC

Maybe you could clear that up.

I'm not happy with my Circa 1996 dual P90 box.  It's not
inconceivable that non-xAPIC processors might get deprecated
in the rush to more than 16 CPU's, like my ASUS dual P90
box seems to have been.

Also, the recent change to make SSE instructions the build
default also bit me on one of my machines without SSE support.

-- Terry

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