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Wed Jul 30 07:10:27 PDT 2003

Alright its been awhile since I bought PIIIs but I looked around ...  
let me just be another person to first reiterate the need that both  
processors be the exact same model, stepping, revision. This can be  
verified by one of the spec codes on the box (I forget which one).  
Different steppings = good chance that they won't work in a SMP setup.  
Also a warning I came across from the page (  
index.htm?iid=ipp_dlc_procp3p+prodb_p3p& ):

* Note: Pentium® III processor at 1.33, 1.20 and 1.13 GHz does not  
support Dual Processor. Please refer to the Pentium® III Processor  
Quick Reference Guide for dual processor capability listed by processor  

So the Quick Reference Guide should have all this kind of info ... a  
direct link to that page is:


I believe the easiest way is to get the s-spec number off the processor  
your looking at and then check on the Quick Reference Guild for dual  
processor support for that revision.

I did actually look for the spec info for boxed PIII procs but I think  
I'm being an idiot tonight and can't find the correct page at Intel.

Hopefully that helps.

All errors and omissions in this email brought to you by the letters T,  
I, R, E, and D.

On Thursday, Jul 31, 2003, at 01:36 Pacific/Auckland, Gregor Bittel  

> Hi,
> On 29.07.2003 10:05, freebsd_deamon at gmx.net wrote:
>> buying two PIII for a dual system ... what do i have to pay
>> attention to (besides the requirements of the M/B)?
>> aka ... are all PIII SMP capable?
> No, not all PIII-processors are SMP-capable, some steppings are not
> working, like the first generation of the 1GHz-processors,
> they do not work with SMP (AFAIK).
> Please grab the specifications for the PIII-processor at Intel.com,
> it is always the best ressource for questions like this.
> Terry Lambert wrote:
>> BTW: Since the PIII's run in slightly older motherboards, it's
>> probably worth pointing out that a number of the Intel chipsets
>> are known to have problems with PCI bus master arbitration when
>> you have more than 2 PCI bus master devices in the box; the one
>> I definitely recognized as being a problem was the NX, but I had
>> also heard there were issues with the FX and the ServerWorks III,
>> as well.  Checking "Tom's Hardware" is probably a good idea.  I
>> didn't see this mentioned in any of the "Notes"/"Comment" sections.
> I can't add any informations about this problem, because I don't get
> these informations from the owners yet, sorry.
> If I get those sort of informations from the owners, I will add it, of
> course.
> -Gregor.
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