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Wed Jul 30 06:36:29 PDT 2003


On 29.07.2003 10:05, freebsd_deamon at gmx.net wrote:
> buying two PIII for a dual system ... what do i have to pay
> attention to (besides the requirements of the M/B)?
> aka ... are all PIII SMP capable?

No, not all PIII-processors are SMP-capable, some steppings are not
working, like the first generation of the 1GHz-processors,
they do not work with SMP (AFAIK).
Please grab the specifications for the PIII-processor at Intel.com,
it is always the best ressource for questions like this.

Terry Lambert wrote:
> BTW: Since the PIII's run in slightly older motherboards, it's
> probably worth pointing out that a number of the Intel chipsets
> are known to have problems with PCI bus master arbitration when
> you have more than 2 PCI bus master devices in the box; the one
> I definitely recognized as being a problem was the NX, but I had
> also heard there were issues with the FX and the ServerWorks III,
> as well.  Checking "Tom's Hardware" is probably a good idea.  I
> didn't see this mentioned in any of the "Notes"/"Comment" sections.

I can't add any informations about this problem, because I don't get
these informations from the owners yet, sorry.
If I get those sort of informations from the owners, I will add it, of


Gregor.Bittel at GMX.de
[1]= http://www.bnv-bamberg.de/home/ba3294/smp/index.htm

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