Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 29 02:02:19 PDT 2003

freebsd_deamon at gmx.net wrote:
> dear list,
> buying two PIII for a dual system ... what do i have to pay attention to
> (besides the requirements of the M/B)?
> aka ... are all PIII SMP capable?

You want the stepping to be the same.

You may not be happy with P III's.  I'm not sure if the SMP code
has been changed to handle only the xAPIC now, or not; there was
a discussion a little while back about supporting more than 16
CPUs in a machine, which would require this change.

I know that my Dual P90 machine has been unable to run -current
for quite some time due to some changes that went in to the low
level mp_machdep code.

See also Intel's site:


-- Terry

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