SMP kernel hanging after testing 8254 intr delivery (RELENG_4)

Graeme Tattersall gtattersall at
Mon Jul 28 04:13:32 PDT 2003


   This issue seems to be similar to the Bug Report, ID-i386/53200 on 
5.1-RELEASE.  I may have discovered a workaround, however need someone 
to verify that it also works for them.

    I hope this helps someone come up with a fix.



 >-------- Original Message --------
 >Subject: Re: i386/53200: 5.1-RC1 SMP kernel boot gags at "APIC_IO: 
 >Testing 8254 interrupt delivery"
 >Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:05:23 +0100
 >From: Graeme Tattersall <gtattersall at>
 >To: freebsd-gnats-submit at
 >Hi Guys,
 >I have managed to get the SMP kernel to boot, and repeat this
 >successfully, by doing the following - Can someone verify this works?
 >For testing, I'm using the GENERIC kernel with SMP and APIC_IO enabled.
 >At the FreeBSD 5.1 boot menu, select option 6 to exit to boot-loader.
 >Hit the return key at the prompt to continue booting.  On my system,
 >the kernel now does not hang at the testing interrupt prompt.
 >Obviously this is still not ideal, but hopefully it will give someone
 >who knows the code/architecture a pointer as to how to acheive a fix.
 >BIOS settings, btw, do not seem to affect this SMP hang-at-boot - the
 >only SMP setting in my BIOS is to enable MP v1.4 - as my system is a
 >dual PIII, stuff like Hyperthreading doesn't apply.

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