maximum of CPUs

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Tue Jul 15 23:36:05 PDT 2003

Attila Nagy wrote:
> Andy Isaacson wrote:
> > I can't tell if you're talking about "supported by FreeBSD" or
> > "supported running any OS".  Several vendors sell boxes with 32 x86
> > processors, including IBM (the part that used to be Sequent), Unisys,
> > and one of the Japanese vendors (NEC or Fujitsu or something like that).
> > The easiest to find links to is
> >
> Even Linux needs a patch for these machines :)
> AFAIK until this patch, only Windows 2000 was officially supported by
> Unisys.

The Sequent Symmetry (i386 based) was the same machine as the
Unisys 5000/20, which was an OEM version of the box.  I was
pretty sure that the ES7000/40 was also an OEM Sequent box?

If so, it may be that if they didn't put too much vendor BIOS
voodoo in the things, this would also let them run on matching
Sequent badged hardware... and that's some pretty cool iron,
even these days.

-- Terry

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