SMP kernel hanging after testing 8254 intr delivery (RELENG_4)

Gregor Bittel Gregor.Bittel at
Wed Jul 2 09:54:53 PDT 2003


> anything news concerning my SMP problem with the Fujitsu-Siemens
> RX300 system?
> Would be nice to have SMP running at Friday evening, when I have to
> go into production.
> Thanks and best regards

Sorry, if I'm wrong in some things (I don't really know, how some
things are working, but it could help to find the "error").
Did you try already the "smallest configuration as possible"?
I mean: Disable all the stuff you don't really need in BIOS, like
ACPI, APM, Com-ports, LPT, IDE and all of those things.
(MPS-Version to 1.4, Plug'n'Play disabled, ...)
Then try the smallest as possible SMP-Kernel (without ACPI,
LPT, Com, ...).
Does this work now correctly?
(I hope, because I haven't more ideas to get it working...)


Gregor.Bittel at

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