SMP kernel hanging after testing 8254 intr delivery (RELENG_4)

Guy Helmer ghelmer at
Wed Jul 2 09:26:19 PDT 2003

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> On 02-Jul-2003 Lars Kvller wrote:
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> > Hello,
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> > anything news concerning my SMP problem with the Fujitsu-Siemens RX300
> > system?
> >
> > Would be nice to have SMP running at Friday evening, when I have to go
> > into production.
> >
> > Thanks and best regards

Were you using FreeBSD 5.1 on the machine?  If so, was your kernel built
with the ULE scheduler?  If so, I think I noticed a similar problem when I
tried 5.1-current (source from May 28 or so) built with the ULE scheduler on
my SuperMicro dual Xeon with Intel 875 chipset.  I switched back to the BSD
scheduler and now it works.

Alternatively, if you are using FreeBSD 4.x, did you build your SMP kernel
with APM?  On some SuperMicro hardware with a ServerWorks chipset that we
got a month or so ago, an SMP kernel would "hang" after testing 8254
interrupt delivery if APM was built in the kernel.

Hope this helps,

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