Building NanoBSD with ports and packages

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Thu Apr 26 05:45:20 UTC 2007

Jordan Coleman wrote:

> > Just add to your nanobsd.conf:
> >
> > NANO_CUSTOMIZE="/path/to/localfiles"
> >
> > Place packages to /path/to/Pkg subdirectory.
> >
> > Here comes the script "localfiles":
> [...]
> Okay, neat.  Looks like it'll do the trick.  This is pretty close to
> (but better thought-out than) the approach I had been thinking about.
> I'm wondering, is it possible/practical/safe to do port "make
> install"s inside the chroot to avoid having to have pre-built
> packages?  Is there a simpler way?

I prefer to keep pre-built packages. It takes less time to rebuild Nano
image then. And makes software behavour more stable.
And takes less space in the NANO_WORLDDIR. You can always build
a port outside of Nano world and obtain a package using 'pkg_create -b'.

Eugene Grosbein

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