Wireless Community camp 2007

Ed Kikkert ed at kikkert-online.nl
Tue Apr 10 20:14:59 UTC 2007

*Wireless Community Camp 2007*

The WCC2007 is a wonderful week of cooperation education and care.

The WCC2007 is seven day camping with technicians, open-source users and
organizers of diverse projects.
100 people from all over the world will share their knowledge about
wifi, open-source and community networking.

13 - 19 August 2007, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands


With co-operation we are learning how to organize and build up the camp,
and an extension of that is
how to build up a local community to run a public wireless network.

By sharing knowledge we can improve our skills. We learn and teach by
hands-on practical training.
We learn by doing. Organizing an event or project is a training in

Care is a base to work and trust the good intentions of people we work
with. Care creates safety to
learn, to make errors and to correct them.


We have an excellent training program offering all the knowledge how to
start a public wireless network.
Most of the knowledge can be used for other projects as well. The
program contains the building
of antennas and the usage of open source software to build wireless
routers and servers.

What we are going to do:

13-14 august building up campsite + opening session
15-17 august open source training program
18-19 august community event, antenna building and measuring

The exact program still grows every day, keep an eye on it


The WCC will be established at the lowest costs. This can be done by
three important
cornerstones of the Wifisoft.org triangle :

    * volunteers,
    * sponsors
    * and the community.

*Want to help us out?*

At this moment we are looking for trainees, sponsors and organisers. If
you want to join please
register as soon as possible. This is realy important to us.

Sponsoring will be used in several ways:

    * especially for our foreign campers: help with tickets, visas and
hardware shipping.
    * financial support for a webserver.
    * local support at the boot camp.

We still have vacancies for talented organisers who want to improve
their skills in our
organisation. If you want to join please register as soon as possible.
This is realy important for us.

What you can do for us right now is:

    * register and become one of us
    * email this message and our flyer to your friends and collegues

*The Wifisoft.org Foundation*

Wifisoft.org is a not-for-profit organization that initiates, stimulates
and evolves local and international
cooperation between communities that administrate a public wireless
network. The main infrastructure
for Wifisoft.org is the Internet. On http://wifisoft.org, communities
can create their own workspace.
Besides the yearly WCC there are other smaller events focussed on
optical links, and software development.

Once a year we organize a Wireless Community Camp. Here we organize and
facilitate lectures and hands-on workshops.

We hope the see you at the WCC2007.

Kind regards,

Ed Kikkert


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