Creation of a new list for Embedded....

gnn at gnn at
Mon Jun 19 03:55:17 UTC 2006


To those of you who already get too much mail, which means all of us,
I apologize for this.  With the new push for more embedded systems
using FreeBSD a few of us thought it would be a good idea to create a
new list that more clearly indicated "embedded" uses.  Now, of course
all the people who've read and posted on freebsd-small for years may
think, "Why bother creating a new list?"  The reason is as simple as
it may be annoying, "Marketing."  When people search for FreeBSD on
Embedded platforms they are unlikely to type "small" into their
search.  It's very important for us to get our information out there
and having an embedded mailing list called "embedded" is an important
part of that.  So, to all of you already on freebsd-small I apologize
and ask anyone who is interested in the Embedded work to subscribe to
freebsd-embedded at  

I'll be moving the pointers on the site to point
to the archives of both small and embedded but will only point to
subscriptions for embedded.

Thanks, and again, apologies,

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