Benno Rice benno at
Thu Jun 8 02:15:31 PDT 2006

Ben Kelly wrote:
> Hello,
> Is anyone currently working on support for the gumstix platform?  If so, what 
> is its current status?  I recently picked up one of these boards and would 
> like to help if I can.

Yep, myself and Suleiman Souhlal have gumstix boards and are working on 
support.  I have a connex 400xm-bt, a netCF, a tweener and an 
audiostix2.  The current status is that we can boot multiuser but the sn 
driver that runs the ethernet controller(s) used on the gumstix boards 
is misbehaving.  Audio, CF and various other things aren't supported 
yet.  The code can be found in //depot/user/benno/arm/... in Perforce. 
I'll probably look at committing it once we've got the sn driver working 

Benno Rice
benno at

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