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Olivier Gautherot ogautherot at vtr.net
Fri Jun 2 19:22:03 PDT 2006

Hi George,

> > Aren't Soekris/WRAP boards, based on x86 platform, considered "embedded"?
> Yes, but for the moment the new targets are ARM and MIPS.  I'll add
> x86 as well, but later.  In the embedded world the x86 parts still are
> not dominant due to issues with power and heat and the fact that the
> x86 mainstream is not targetted at that market.  This is why Intel
> does ARM as well, to cover the embedded space.

There is some truth in there but it is not the full picture. AMD bought the 
Geode technology from Via technology a couple of years ago, ST still markets 
its STPC and these are targeted at single board embedded systems (running off 
a Flash). Their grace is the compatibility with Windows, which drives the 
prices to very competitive levels... from which we can profit now.

The XScale/ARM11 is a reaction to the market, when Intel thought that they had 
to be present in the RISC arena. Now, it is still are from being their "cash 

"Embedded" mainly means "limited function" and these architectures definitely 
apply to the definition. They are definitely worth mentioning at some point.

Olivier Gautherot
olivier at gautherot.net

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