FreeBSD's embedded agenda

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Jun 1 11:20:12 PDT 2006

In message: <20060530051455.GA60261 at>
            John Birrell <jb at> writes:
: As I said, writing a NAND driver under geom on FreeBSD is a trivial matter.
: That is what I did. The driver wasn't committed to FreeBSD because it
: is hardware specific to the board due to the way the the processor I/O
: is mapped. If you study the NAND implementations on embedded hardware,
: you will see that making a general operating system support them all with
: drivers is hard to do because of the different ways that the NAND chips
: are mapped in I/O. It's not like they are on a general bus that makes
: access to them the same.

Yes.  This driver does have a number of issues.  There needs to be
some additional layers of abstraction to make it generic.  The driver
you wrote works very well (we only had to fix a one or two minor


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