diskless (or rather, readonly)

Jason Slagle raistlin at tacorp.net
Wed Aug 16 20:42:09 UTC 2006

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006, James Mansion wrote:

> I'm not trying to get anyone to do something for me.  Just be nice
> if the FreeBSD community would accept that the oft-heard mantra
> that it has a complete-system approach and good documentation is rather
> out of date through bitrot from the recent changes.

I don't think anyone tries to claim FreeBSD is the correct solution to 
every problem.  Anyone who thinks *ANYTHING* is the solution to every 
problem hasn't encountered very many problems.

Some of the documentation is lacking on recent versions.  Coders often 
hate to write documentation, so someone needs to find someone to write new 
stuff.  This is often harder then finding coders to do the work.

This isn't a problem unique to FreeBSD.  It impacts most open source 
software, and even commercial software in many cases.

> As it is, the linux-live scripts are attractive if there isn't
> a 'flick this switch and it happens by magic'.  I had thought
> there was such a thing, but clearly not in FreeBSD 6.1, and I don't
> have time to invent a solution right now.

Then don't use FreeBSD for this project.  The reason you got so many 
responses is because your first post implied someone should take their 
time to do it for you.  I reread it several times to make sure I didn't 
take it wrong, but it sure sounded like you implied your time was more 
valuable than everyone else on the list's to me.

It certainly sounds to me like VXWorks or one of the other commercially 
supported embedded OS's would be a fit for you.  Then when you had an 
issue you would have someone to fix it for you, instead of venting at a 
bunch of unpaid volunteers in a public mailing list.


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