Boot Time with Nanobsd

Ben Kelly bkelly at
Sat Aug 5 18:48:24 UTC 2006

Roger Miranda (Digital Relay) wrote:
> The one small issue I had from the start was the time it took for nanobsd to 
> start up. It just sits there with the cursor on the screen for almost 
> 30seconds.
> Any ideas? Can this be fixed?

Have you tried setting autoboot_delay in loader.conf?  I believe it 
defaults to 10 seconds.

You could also try adding the -t option to the boot0cfg command issued 
from  I don't know what it defaults to though.  Note that 
this one is specified in ticks, not seconds.  The man page claims there 
are 18.2 ticks per second.

> Thanks for all your help.
> Roger

- Ben

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