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Sat Aug 5 17:46:10 UTC 2006

Roger Miranda (Digital Relay) wrote:
> On a personal level, i'm sorry for being a newbie to customizing freebsd. I've 
> used for quite a while, but just as a desktop.
> The company I work for now, work at creating customized network appliances. 
> I'm just trying to grasp the concept so many i can move up in the company.
> But I really do appreciate the help.
> Thank You,
> Roger
> On Friday 04 August 2006 14:37, you wrote:
>> Roger Miranda (Digital Relay) wrote:
>>> Good Day Everyone,
>>> I finally got Nanobsd up and running, and have done some customizations
>>> to it's kernel and have added some packages.
>>> The one small issue I had from the start was the time it took for nanobsd
>>> to start up. It just sits there with the cursor on the screen for almost
>>> 30seconds.
>>> Any ideas? Can this be fixed?
>>> Thanks for all your help.
>>> Roger
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>> You aren't really familiar with linux/unix are you? I suppose you could
>> see if DOS would be quicker for your application. Anyhow, take every
>> device driver that is not necessary out of your kernel config file. I
>> imagine you are using GENERIC, which has twenty different RAID drivers
>> and fifteen different Ethernet chipsets. Most embedded systems take
>> between 30s and 1min to get booted, in that sense it is just like a
>> standard pc. Hell my 400mhz mips (probably 2-3x faster than your board)
>> MikroTik 532 takes 25 seconds or so to get booted up, and RouterOS is
>> only 7mb.
I wasn't trying to be an asshat dude; I'm merely suggesting in a 
respectful way to get a basic backgrounder on configuring kernels, 
performance tuning, cruft cutting, and port monkeying before you dive in 
head-first to embedded stuff. If you managed to compile a kernel and get 
it onto the device you are ahead of the curve. Now read the Handbook 
until your eyes bleed. :D

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